The first International Biennale of Lithography was organized with the purpose of showcasing at one place the lithographic works of artists from around the world. In the same way as lithographic stone gives us full freedom to create works of art, this event respects the diversity of contemporary theories, schools, trends and approaches to art of printing from lithographic stone. Unburdened by set form and themes, it strives to apprehend the essence of creation and the secrets behind this fantastic technique. The magic that Alois Senefelder turned into graphic technique 222 years ago is still present, and our aim is to give it an additional boost every two years. The artists who create their works of art using lithographic technique actualize their ideas through its original shape and through innovations, interventions and experiments. Through their prints showcased at this exhibition they brought the world of lithography closer to us.
I wish to thank all who contributed to organizing this exhibition. And last but not least, I owe my gratitude to all the artists who responded to the call to submit contest entries thus allowing us to get acquainted with some modern trends and tendencies in the field of lithography.
As the creator of this event I will do my best to improve its organizational, technical and every other aspect, and I believe that the artists with their artworks and
turnout would contribute to raising the quality of the event to a higher level. The first International Biennale of Lithography has started its life and may it be a
long and prosperous one.

Director of the First International Biennale of Lithography
Marko Kalezic, D.A.

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